We are not currently hiring at this time, but if you are interested in being notified when an opening becomes available, please send your resume and letter of interest to valarie@kirkbrides.com.  We will be in touch with an opportunity when it becomes available if we feel you are a good fit for our team!

Do you love weddings?  Are you a creative person who never misses a detail?  Do all of your friends and family engage your lead on planning all of the parties, showers and events?  Did you plan your own wedding but are still pinning ideas to your Pinterest wedding board although you've celebrated one or several anniversaries?  :)  Have you been searching for a career that is your true passion?  Do you get satisfaction from helping others and seeing a project come to fruition? 

If any or all of these questions ring true to your ears, then this is the opportunity for you!  Valarie Kirkbride Falvey's years of experience in the wedding planning industry as a top Cleveland planning professional gives you the chance to learn from the very best. 

Valarie and the Kirkbrides team have worked with hundreds of brides and vendors planning, designing and coordinating Cleveland weddings at every venue imaginable.   In 2014, Valarie combined her wedding planning experience, education background and passion for this career and started teaching the art of wedding planning.  


Valarie created 2 Wedding Aces as a unique learning experience designed to help those interested in wedding planning learn the ins and outs of this exciting career from experienced professionals.   A constant stream of inquiries from aspiring planners requesting to shadow and learn this exciting and growing career has shown the demand for this type of program in the Cleveland area.  Our innovative and realistic to life classes teach you how to master the creative and technical skills needed to succeed as a professional wedding planner. You’ll learn how to understand your client’s needs, meet and exceed their expectations, create a professional and memorable wedding experience, while adding the layer of magic every bride dreams of.  Build some relationships in your learning experience, make some new friends and a whole lot more!


Workshop sessions are generally held one evening per week for 4-6 weeks.  The workshops are held at beautiful venues conducive to learning about the aesthetics of wedding planning and the event industry in general in the Cleveland area.  The class sizes are limited.  The workshops are taught by Valarie Kirkbride Falvey, or both Valarie and Allison.  The investment is $925 per person.   Currently, no workshops are scheduled but if you wish to be notified of future opportunities, please e-mail 2weddingaces@kirkbrides.com to be placed on the waiting list.


  • Stories and lessons drawing from experience that tell you what to expect in your job as a wedding planner
  • Recommended conduct and friendly approaches to doing an effective job as a planner
  • Process and order of planning a wedding
  • Wedding floral basics
  • How to style a wedding and current wedding trends
  • How to create a wedding budget
  • How to deal with the client psychology that goes along with planning a wedding
  • Creating a wedding itinerary
  • What entertainment to add and for which pieces of the wedding
  • Hands-on valuable group wedding planning exercises to help you learn
  • How to facilitate all of the stationery that goes into planning a wedding (invitations, save the dates, placecards, etc.)


  • Q & A session
  • 2 Wedding Aces gift
  • Complimentary light snacks and drinks during the workshop
  • Potential Kirkbrides Team Member Opportunity

We can't wait to share with you all the real details of what this job entails and how YOU can become a wedding success story of your own!

Valarie Kirkbride Falvey

While living in Los Angeles in 2002, Valarie felt stifled by her corporate job and did some soul searching to find her true career passion.  She secured a wedding planning internship, which turned into planning weddings of her own at private mansions in Southern California.  When she moved back to Cleveland in 2005, she turned her SoCal experience into Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design.  Over the years, she has worked with hundreds of brides, has grown Kirkbrides to a team capable of handling 5 weddings in 1 day, and has worked vigorously on creating, solidifying and always improving the wedding planning process.  Holding a Masters of Education degree helps qualify her to teach her expertise but as a natural leader, she has tons of valuable information  and viewpoints to share with anyone interested in learning the art of professional wedding planning.



A people pleaser at heart and lover of all things beautiful, Allison started out on her own as a planner in 2008.  Wanting to join forces with another planner, Allison joined Kirkbrides in early 2009 and never looked back.  Allison has worked with countless brides and their families over the years keeping them calm, composing wedding designs and smiles and seeing timelines to fruition.  She has a consistent role in training and helping the Kirkbrides team members learn the process and find solutions to all things wedding.  She is the Kirkbrides Senior Team Ambassador, weighing in on process improvements and the sales process.  Having a slightly different personality from Valarie but a ton of experience with all of her own clients for the past 6 years and currently, Allison is able to offer an additional, experienced and valuable viewpoint to anyone interested in learning the art of professional wedding planning.


"Enrolling in Valarie's training program was one of the best decisions I ever made!  The course was challenging but fun, and provided an organized and structured approach to the world of wedding planning.  Only months after completing the course, I was successfully booking new clients and planning new events!  This training program would be perfect for anyone looking to jumpstart their new wedding planning career, or even for experienced professionals seeking to hone their abilities." - Hannah Wang

"The Kirkbrides classes offered comprehensive and vital training in the field of wedding planning.  Valarie’s expertise and vast knowledge on the subject matter made the class educational while also enjoyable and fun!  Through classroom experience I learned the technical aspects of planning a wedding, and the ins and outs of the wedding industry.  The fieldwork offered hands on, personalized opportunities to gain perspective into this unique field.  I highly recommend this class to any current or aspiring wedding planners to sharpen their skill set and hone their understanding and ability in the wedding planning field. " - Katie Foulds